Your gift today can make a life-saving difference this Christmas.

Cold, starving and critically ill, Dally was found dumped in a cardboard box. Fortunately a kind dog walker heard Dally's faint cries and brought him to us just in time.

He was immediately fed specialist high-protein food, given rehydration medication and antibiotics to fight a life-threatening infection. Volunteers monitored Dally throughout the night, hoping he would have the strength to pull through. Thankfully, Dally's spirit was still strong and he gradually started to show signs of life. Dally is now safe and waiting to be rehomed, yet more cats in urgent need arrive every single day.

A gift of £5 or £10, or whatever you can afford, helps provide our volunteers with everything they need to save the lives of cold, starving cats and kittens this Christmas.

To make a regular donation text GIVE to 88222.
To make a one-off donation text:
CAT to 85199 for £5
XMAS to 85199 for £10

You can opt out of receiving texts, simply text CAT STOP to 88222.

If you choose to donate, you will be charged £5 (for £5 donation) or 2 x £5 (for £10 donation) plus one network standard rate text. Your mobile provider will deduct a small fee for processing the donation. However Cats Protection will receive a minimum of 85% of your donation, maximum 99% dependent upon the mobile provider handling your order.